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awaken to the truth of your nature

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We are in the midst of an evolution of consciousness, where men and women from all walks of life are feeling the deep inner calling or the evolutionary impulse to awaken to the truth of being. The door way to this truth is life itself. It’s where the physical and the non physical meet in harmony and oneness. It’s where true liberation and love resides.

If you feel this deep inner evolutionary impulse to wake up from the illusion of the mind, then it is our deepest heart felt wish that the teachings that are offered will support and guide you through the many inner transformations that are to come.

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Soul’s Journey Home

You dropped me off, somewhere new. With only a map, with no destination. I began to walk here there and everywhere, along the way I met many people, they became my family, and some became friends. They also had been dropped off by you with a map and no destination. I could see many were

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Aloneness is a Doorway

The greatest gift that the physical form gives us is contrast. It enables us to experience opposites. These opposites constantly guide us to the truth of our being. The ultimate home is unity or oneness, but to truly experience unity we have to experience the opposite, which is separation. Otherwise we cannot know unity or

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Evolutionary Impulse

Within everyone there is a natural impulse / calling towards freedom. This calling is driven by an evolutionary impulse to realise the true self, to evolve into becoming whole, and totally free. It is an inner calling from our inner being pointing us towards our Divinity and true liberation. Sadly this impulse is often grasped

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Living your truth

When we come into alignment with the highest part of ourselves, soul, inner being, source, God, whatever feels right for you, life will become rich and full. It will be filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning for life. You will be able to joyously participate in life. This is your true authentic power.

In order to live as an evolved being, where love is in the foreground and where love far out ways the needs of the material world, we are going to have to take responsibility for the life we are currently living – and who we are choosing to be in life at any given moment. When we take responsibility, we can begin to align our thoughts, emotions and actions with the Divine being we are.

When we are in alignment with the inner being, the personality comes to fully serve the energy of the soul, this is when we begin to live life as the individual Divine expression of oneness we are.

Our Living your truth meetings are simply about coming together to use the transmission of group consciousness, to align those who are ready to embrace their Divine individuality.

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