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About Simon

Simon does not often talk about himself and his past experiences, but recognises there will be value in this for those interested in journeying with him. This piece has been written in dialogue with Simon by Emily Sinclair, who has been journeying with him for some time.

A life of Service

Simon experienced many encounters with non-physical entities and phenomena from a young age and felt afraid of a constant presence he felt with him. He recalls going to sleep in fear most nights, until one night, whilst experiencing the usual physical and audible interferences, something moved within him. He went to sit at the foot of his bed, eyes wide open, as what he took at the time to be waves of fear swept through him. Suddenly, from immense terror came a profound sense of peace descending over him. An inexpressible love.

From this perspective Simon watched his life unfolding in front of him. Always feeling protected by this presence guiding him. Various abnormal experiences in which he was guided towards right action, or protected from danger, served as confirmations of its loving nature.


At the age of 20 he met his wife to be, Kate, whom he knew immediately he would marry. Whilst first living with Kate, Simon experienced a second significant shift when a choice was offered by a being that appeared to him, to truly enter in to a “life of service”. Never feeling there was ever a choice to be made at pivotal points in his journey, Simon willingly entered into this next cycle of life.


At the age of 39, while in prayer, another shift in consciousness took place. Similar with his initial experience when he was 13, a profound bliss and love arose.

This re-birth continued to unfold over the following years. During this period while “everything felt new and sensational”, Simon also experienced severe bodily pain, deep confrontations with the fear of death, and extreme energy depletion. The way life was unfolding from this fundamental shift became very challenging and Simon knew at that point, there was a need for a teacher, or guide.

Consequently, Simon found Richard Moss, who mentored him through the embodiment of that, which was awakening within him.


During this period of transition Simon also experienced “the monastic urge” and was preparing to go and live in isolation, even finding the support of his wife and family in this venture. While Kate is not on the same path as Simon she has, and continues to be, an incredible support to him throughout the many challenges, which arose with this unfolding. Always compassionate, strong and loving.


Eventually Simon was guided away from the monastic life realising that…

“Freedom is born out of one's absolute trust in life and its wisdom"

Simon Bailey

As we begin to listen to the deeper inner call of our being, we begin to realise that life is our greatest teacher. As we move through life we begin to glean the living wisdom.

We are in an era of significant change in consciousness, and we need to realise that this isn’t about needing to go anywhere. It’s about right where you are….

Simon helps us connect to the wisdom within ourselves. Guiding us, to that which is available to all, but often seems inaccessible.