Aloneness is a Doorway

The greatest gift that the physical form gives us is contrast. It enables us to experience opposites. These opposites constantly guide us to the truth of our being. The ultimate home is unity or oneness, but to truly experience unity we have to experience the opposite, which is separation. Otherwise we cannot know unity or experience it.

We know this to be true, because as the saying goes “we never know what we had until it’s gone”. So, to experience separation is a gift, it points us back to unity.

Sadly though, we define ourselves by these contrasts. I am happy, I am sad, I am angry, I am grieving, I am powerful, I am weak, I am kind, I am selfish. You get the idea. We are constantly defining ourselves by what we are experiencing.

But even deeper than that we can also define ourselves by collectives, such as husband, wife, business man/woman, solicitor, doctor, therapist, teacher, shop assistant, student and so on.

When we define ourselves by outside experiences or roles, we become identified by them, believing that is who we are. We become the collective belief of that role. The collective is consciousness that has been formed by repetitive beliefs. We simply lose ourselves to the collective. A great example would be marriage. Marriage is defined by the collective of a country, religion or generational beliefs. So, when a couple first meet, it feels alive, radical, passionate and exciting. It can even feel liberating. The same couple then gets married and the role of partners kicks in. They can drop into the collective of marriage, defining themselves by the role. And for some, the freedom goes, the aliveness goes, the passion can go, the excitement of it all can go. What has happened is that they have fallen into the collective belief that defines marriage and that then in turn defines them. Ultimately they have lost themselves in the marriage.

We all have the same essence or come from the same source, but each individual has a unique expression of that essence. Just like everything leaf is unique, every snowflake, every wave. All unique.

As we lose ourselves in collectives we begin to move further and further from our Divine individuality.

When a soul has a strong desire or has evolved over many lifetimes, it will have strong pull to remain unique. It will not want to conform to the normal beliefs of life. This in itself can cause many things for the physical part of us, but the most common is the feeling of aloneness.

Aloneness is a doorway to your unique divine individuality.

Now, physical self will do all that it can to not feel alone. Why? Because it knows that it is the doorway to the soul / spirit descending into form. When this happens the physical personality becomes the servant of the soul and doesn’t have its own autonomy.

Aloneness is individuality, it’s what I call a background realisation that you don’t fit in. You don’t fit into the collectives, which have been formed by beliefs.

This is a challenging time, because you can feel isolated. Separated from the the norm.

However, if you can rest gently in the aloneness and gently turn towards it (even if the ego or physical personality feels like it is kicking and screaming, desperately not wanting to feel alone) just gently resting in the feeling of aloneness with no judgements, then you will come to realise that you are never alone. You are simply a unique wave of an ocean. You are the ocean expressing itself as a wave in the most unique way possible.

Essentially you will open the door to your soul. Where we experience that unique expression of oneness.

You will embrace your divine individuality, knowing deeply that every other person is also unique and also that their essence is essentially the same. They are simply another wave in the ocean

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