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Soul’s Journey Home

You dropped me off, somewhere new. With only a map, with no destination. I began to walk here there and everywhere, along the way I met many people, they became my family, and some became friends. They also had been dropped off by you with a map and no destination. I could see many were

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Aloneness is a Doorway

The greatest gift that the physical form gives us is contrast. It enables us to experience opposites. These opposites constantly guide us to the truth of our being. The ultimate home is unity or oneness, but to truly experience unity we have to experience the opposite, which is separation. Otherwise we cannot know unity or

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Evolutionary Impulse

Within everyone there is a natural impulse / calling towards freedom. This calling is driven by an evolutionary impulse to realise the true self, to evolve into becoming whole, and totally free. It is an inner calling from our inner being pointing us towards our Divinity and true liberation. Sadly this impulse is often grasped

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Meeting Life

True spirituality is about embracing our human nature, not transcending it. It’s fully meeting with love, all that life has to offer. During my own journey of searching for truth, I felt lonely and also felt like I didn’t belong in this world. I asked many times “God let me come home I’m done!” After

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