Inner Creator – Urban Retreat

We are all unique divine expressions of the universe with unique gifts and talents that are waiting to be shared with the world. It’s time to allow the soul to express itself fully through every aspect of your daily life.

Join us on this 3-day urban retreat to Dive deep into the truth of your internal power of creation.

Join us and be held in the most loving and open space where you can allow your heart to open allowing the source of creation to express itself fully, enabling you to become the architect of your life.

You will discover that it is your world and your truth – and you will learn to create a world that is in alignment with your soul.

Over the 3 days Simon will share with you extremely insightful spiritual practices, which will include working with the whole group, smaller groups, working in pairs and also alone time for meditation, self-enquiry and contemplation.

During this 3 day urban retreat, we will dive deep into…..

Nature of reality
Lack mentality
Power of beliefs
Constant creation
Understanding power
Creative consciousness
Awareness & wakefulness
Love & fear
Stepping up
Clarity of desire
Body wisdom
Purpose & meaning


Jun 15 2024


9:30 am - 5:00 pm