evolution of being®

Six-Month online course
Evolving Consciousness

April 2020 to September 2020

Online Course - Evolution of Being ®

We are in the midst of a major shift in consciousness. This is an evolutionary shift, where more and more people are feeling the deep inner calling towards oneness and divinity. This shift is an Evolution of Being® and you are being called to awaken to a new consciousness and a new way of living. You are also being called to be bearer of that consciousness into the world.

If you are one of those people, feeling a deep calling within to wake up from the illusion of the mind into a higher state of awareness, then it is likely that life itself may be proving challenging for you. You might feel lost, disconnected, or experience a sense that your relationships or life are falling apart. You may have a deep sense of love and awareness, but be having difficulty grounding this way of being into life.

It is possible to stay present, remain authentic and live life within the modern world in alignment with your true inner being. To rise above the mind and egoic structures of thought, including those that imprison you in habitual thinking, judgment, attachment and expectation.

With support, community and a new knowing, you will be able to fully meet the challenges life presents, no longer being pulled from your tranquil inner state into the storm surrounding you. When you step into presence, you are released from the frustrations and struggles created from the illusion of mind and are able to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

What Is The Evolution of Being course?

The Evolution of Being® course is grounded in support and inspiration, filled with love and laughter as you are immersed deeply within Simon’s profound teachings.

You will take part in a six-month program, which begins and ends with a one day online retreat, building a strong community of like-minded people.

Each month we will cover in-depth subjects through live online teaching, Q&A sessions, practical exercises and meditations selected and designed to enhance and support your evolution of consciousness.

Our community will share the journey between online retreats, through group virtual meditations and a vibrant Facebook group, building friendships and support along our shared path of awakening consciousness .

Here's what you can expect to experience in the program:

When you have completed the six-month program you will join the world with a greater sense of who you are and what your purpose is, living every day with meaning in alignment with that purpose.


The Power of the Group

We believe that building and being part of a supportive community is intrinsic to the success of our individual and global evolution of consciousness. We will meet online, but will also have the opportunity to connect with each other in a private Facebook group. In this understanding and supportive group environment you can share experiences and ask questions amongst friends.

Why Now

For several years Simon has observed the people he guides, either during one to ones, within groups or retreats, grow in awareness and consciousness, with a growing sense that there was more still to do.

He has watched them commit to push themselves further and further, deeper and deeper in their quest for understanding and awakening. He has supported each and every one.

The Evolution of being© course has evolved from a need to help more people take the next leap towards their own personal evolution. To enable Simon to reach more people, support each through their individual in-depth transformations, within a community of like-minded people.

There is an evolution of consciousness happening; humanity is awakening to its divine nature. For those who answer the calling of the soul and embrace this evolution, undertaking deep inner work, life can become blissful, transcendent and filled with love. As a community sharing the same goals, together we can make a profound difference to the world.

Answer the Inner Evolutionary Call


It’s Your World, Your Truth

The challenges faced have brought you to where you are today, crafting your journey along the spiritual path, teaching you anew with every struggle you encountered. The destination is not a life without challenge, but one of embracing the challenges life brings and the shift in consciousness that follows.

It is time to create a new life, one that frees you from the old concepts you held dear – the safe ground. Keep walking, freedom waits and with it a newfound wonder of all that exists and liberation from the illusion. The evolution of being course, it’s teachings, tools and daily practices together with encouragement from our growing community, will support your continued evolution of consciousness as you journey deeply and profoundly into your own sense of self.


Life a Life of Purpose and be of Service to the World

As we voyage along the path to awakened consciousness, discovering our true purpose as we travel, we are often drawn by a desire to help others within the evolution of their own consciousness. It is this desire that is enabling the shift of consciousness to flow ever more rapidly across humanity. The evolution of being retreat can help you to be of service to the world, employing your unique purpose to support humanity’s continued Evolution of Being.

Become the calm within the storm, step into a life of clarity and presence, in alignment with life itself and within your soul’s purpose – be the light.

Commit to Your Spiritual Evolution of Being

Darwin spoke of evolution as the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. Spiritual evolution, that of the shift in consciousness which is occurring now, was also the product of your individual steps – but it has now become a unified wave as more people commit to a spiritual path.

For those who do commit to this path, brings with it a deepened connection to the soul’s purpose. We will help you step into a constant state of presence, a life of freedom, liberated from old constraints, creating a new life filled with purpose and tranquility.


month 1


April 2020

To launch this transformative six-month experience, we will join together for a one day online retreat.

We will forge a community and together begin to explore the obstacles to awakening consciousness, which arise in everyday life and explore how to answer the inner calling towards awakening.

We will look in depth at self-enquiry, contemplation and meditation techniques. These will be the foundational tools, which will enable you to navigate life with a newfound truth & awareness.

Subjects Include:

  • Nourishing the state of awakening, integrating a new way of being and a new consciousness into your life
  • The evolution of your being
  • How to surrender to the future and allow your personal awakening experience to unfold
  • Understanding what is happening to you and how to integrate it into all areas of your life, relationships and purpose
  • Capturing presence in daily life
  • Meditative practices to support your development
  • Learning how to embrace challenges within your spiritual journey
  • The path to transformation – relinquishing false beliefs and self-limiting stories
  • Learning that it is Your World and Your Truth
  • Bringing inner peace and stillness into all areas of your life
  • Living in alignment with your true self and your own true nature

month 2

What is Happening to “Me”?:
Obstacles to an Awakening of Consciousness

We maybe drawn to the path of awakening through the transformative powers of chaos. The need to overcome that chaos and make sense of who we are and where we are in a world that often makes no sense, one that seems to regularly put obstacles in our way, is a powerful catalyst for change

This change sets us on the path towards an awakening of consciousness, and is a highly personal, individual one, one that unfolds uniquely for each of us. We are often unable to grasp the concept of an awakening consciousness with our mind as it falls beyond our mental capacity of understanding. We do however witness the obstacles and pitfalls that occur as we plot our course towards awakening, often observing how we are pulled from a state of presence as we attempt to overcome them.

In this section we will explore both internal and external obstacles, allowing an understanding of what is happening to us and why. Delving into our individual experiences and how they relate to the changes we are undergoing.

Subjects Include:

  • What is a spiritual awakening
  • What types of obstacles are encountered
  • How to surrender to the future unknown, allowing the mystery to unfold
  • Learning to accept rather than overthink what is occurring
  • Ensuring awakening does not become another of life’s goals
  • Understanding and overcoming the feelings of being lost or disconnected, loneliness, confusion and the myriad of other intense emotions that may inhibit your path
  • Understanding the ego and how it may distract you
  • Daily practices to support a deep inner peace with a sense of your own spirituality

month 3

Relational Consciousness
Relationship Support and Reflection on Progress
Towards Awakened Consciousness

Whilst we may not be always able to determine our own progress along our spiritual journey, our relationships with others and with ourselves are a keen pointer. From our most intimate relationships to those with passing strangers, to our family, friends and co-workers – the interaction with each will help reflect how far you have evolved.

Integrating the changes occurring deeply within you whilst maintaining the relationships you hold most dear can be challenging. At times feeling the pull towards solitude, at times loneliness, whilst also grappling with the perceptions of others. In this section we will explore how relationships not only reflect your progress but how to use them as a deepening support towards that progress.

Subjects Include:

  • How to bring presence into all relationships, including those you find most challenging
  • Releasing attachment from judgements, opinions and stories, living in acceptance of what is
  • Energy entanglement
  • Bringing presence into parental relationships supporting the awakening process of all those you nourish
  • Compassion and empathy, how to walk alongside another in pain but not be drawn into it
  • The concept of ‘Oneness’
  • The art of interaction, how to come from a place of presence when speaking to others
  • How to maintain the true essence of you, your inner calm, your state of being, even when surrounded by others

month 4

Suffering – the Master Teacher

"When you think everything is someone else's fault, you suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy."
- Dalai Lama

Sadly it often seems our most profound and rapid growth often comes through the process of pain rather than pleasure. It is at times of struggle and suffering, when we are truly tested, that we often discover the innate depth of our compassion, strength and our essence.

What if that is no longer the case? What if we were able to continue our Evolution of Being in a conscious state where suffering is no longer the strongest driving force? It is often the struggle we find ourselves in with life itself that draws us on our first faltering steps along a spiritual journey, but it does not mean that struggle itself must be our constant travelling companion.

This section will help you embrace the changes to your consciousness and the evolution of your soul, with gratitude for the lessons you have encountered. It will show you how to live a more conscious life where you are able to create a life free of the mental construct of suffering

Subjects Include:

  • Your mind, how you create Your World, Your Truth – including unnecessary suffering and drama
  • The conditioning behind the drama and conflicts created within the mind and how to break the feedback cycles we maintain
  • Living consciously, choosing your reality
  • Breaking negative thought patterns, about yourself and others
  • Bringing presence into your thoughts and actions
  • Transformation of humanity – the Evolution of Being
  • Becoming the observer, watching the mind work

month 5

Who Am I?

Your inner being, your intrinsic self knows who you are. Your soul longs for you to return to a place of harmony and integrity with that knowing. Your other side – your human side, it’s personality, emotions, conditioning and the stories you tell yourself create another aspect to who you are. As you begin your spiritual journey, the deeper part of you, the inner hidden part is awakened and you realise you are more than who you thought you were.

As your journey progresses you are able to consciously connect to that deeper part of your being, the ‘I’ within ‘I am’ and in this the evolution of that being unfolds. You come to know yourself as the eternal being you are.

In this section we explore who we really are, what is our truth and how to live in harmony and alignment with that truth. Bringing consciousness into everything we think, create and do.

Subjects Include:

  • Awakening to oneness, the reality of who you really are
  • How to find the “I” in “I am” and live within that truth
  • A daily meditation enabling you to connect to Universal Consciousness
  • Conquering overthinking and allowing presence to prevail
  • Enabling your inner creator to flourish bringing thoughts to reality
  • Connecting to Source, using innate wisdom and intuition to master problems

month 6

Closing Online Retreat

As we come to the end of the six months, our community will come together again once more for a day of retreat online.

You will learn further techniques allowing you to embrace all that you do, to shine your light and take it out into the world. This day long online retreat will enable you to fully embed all that you have learned and experienced throughout this course.

You will have come to know the deepest part of you, experienced the evolution of your being and learned to live within your own truth.


opening retreat

Foundations - Evolution of Being

We begin The course with 1 day online retreat. We will forge our community and together begin to explore the obstacles to awakening consciousness that arise in everyday life and how to answer the inner calling towards awakening to your true nature. You will take part in meditations and practices designed to ground your being in presence and invigorate your soul, nourishing the state of awakening.

closing retreat

Taking Light into the World

As we come to the end of the six months, our community will come together again in for 1 day online retreat. You will learn further techniques allowing you to live in a state of Presence in all that you do, to shine your light and take it out into the world. These three days will enable you to fully embed all that you have learned and experienced throughout the previous five months.

online sessions

live monthly group sessions

Throughout the six-month program Simon will connect with students for live group online sessions. Simon will share further spiritual teachings and respond to the consciousness of the group as it progresses. You will be able to submit questions to Simon throughout the six months and each session Simon will answer the questions and support all through experiences occurring.

closing retreat

meditation sessions

The power of the group is never more evident than within our online group meditation sessions. Throughout the six months we will come together online between our normal monthly gatherings to sit and be. Working through our experiences internally within companionable solitude and support.


Dates & Times


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