Evolutionary Impulse

Within everyone there is a natural impulse / calling towards freedom. This calling is driven by an evolutionary impulse to realise the true self, to evolve into becoming whole, and totally free. It is an inner calling from our inner being pointing us towards our Divinity and true liberation.

Sadly this impulse is often grasped by the ego, resulting in a life long journey of spiritual seeking. There is nothing wrong with becoming a spiritual seeker in itself, but the seeking of the ego is often driven from a place of lack. This feeling of lack may arise from a need to be loved, to be free, to be accepted, to be whole and so on. This lack then translates into seeking better relationships, careers, finances and material gains. But the very nature of this seeking is a continuation of the illusion of lack, limited separate self. Simply put, the ego will be seeking something outside of oneself to fill the void of what it believes is lacking.

The evolutionary impulse that was originally sparked by consciousness – before being co-opted by the ego, was from a place of fullness and wholeness, nothing lacking.
Ultimately the original evolutionary impulse is driving towards self-realisation and true liberation. So without this impulse there would be no evolution of being. However, the ego would keep us seeking and striving for more to keep us within the illusion of lack.

In true awakening there is no longer a seeker, all seeking stops. Awakening out of the dream state into truth is simply awakening into the total fullness of life itself, and seeing in all things Divine perfection.

Evolving through impulse not seeking

So, how to evolve through the natural evolutionary impulse, rather than being trapped by the perpetual seeking of the egoic mind which comes from a place of lack?

As stated above, the ego grabs hold of the natural impulse, which means most (not all) spiritual seekers are seeking from a place of lack. This lack is often hidden by something of form. i.e. relationship, job, career, parenting and so on. Simply put, the ego will be seeking something outside of oneself to find freedom from its own limited belief in what is lacking.
Recognise that there is an impulse, a natural pressure to evolve. Then recognise or acknowledge that this impulse doesn’t come from a place of lack, it comes from the fullness of being, it comes from love.

You can inquire into the impulse. Allow yourself to become relaxed, maybe focus on your breath for a little while. Then when you feel relaxed and open, ask yourself: –

Where does the impulse or calling to be free come from?

Allow yourself to continue going deeper into the question, let it take you to the source, to the fullness of being before the yearning started.

You are not looking for an answer, it is the fullness of your being, it’s to be experienced not answered. All inquiry questions are experiential and not intellectual.

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