Meeting Life

True spirituality is about embracing our human nature, not transcending it. It’s fully meeting with love, all that life has to offer.

During my own journey of searching for truth, I felt lonely and also felt like I didn’t belong in this world. I asked many times “God let me come home I’m done!” After many powerful and profound spiritual experiences spanning over nearly 30 years. I finally came to the realisation that I am already home, I had discovered God. Not as a separate entity or person but as the consciousness within and around me. I could feel in every cell within my physical body a profound love and aliveness for creation. I could see suddenly that everyone and everything was a unique expression of this truth.

I spent nearly two years in the most transcendent state. I was witnessing all of life through what can only be described as an observer. There were hardly any thoughts, no judgements, just a pure love for everything.

But strangely, although experiencing the true oneness of life, something was still something was not whole.

The greatest wisdom comes when we move from the separateness of the mind into the unity of being, this is where the infinite wisdom of our being lies.

What was missing was life itself. We are a soul on an evolutionary path, the path we have chosen to walk is life in physical form, so the soul can evolve into the Divine Consciousness.

Essentially, we are unique divine expressions of the one source, creating our own world in order to discover our ultimate truth – that we are creation itself.

When you truly meet life in the present moment you are one with your soul and its infinite wisdom.

The life you have chosen is unique, which means your path is unique. The awareness and presence is the same for everyone, but how the process unfolds is unique to you. Finding what works for you requires authenticity and deep honesty. You cannot do this practicing spiritual systems or modalities as a way of escaping from where you find yourself in life at this moment. If you truly meet life, using the tools and techniques of the system you are using, then you will have a strong foundation to awakening to your true nature and embodying that nature in life.

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