Evolution of Being Online Course

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6 month online course – Evolving Consciousness

We are in the midst of a major shift in consciousness. This is an evolutionary shift, where more and more people are feeling the deep inner calling towards oneness and divinity. This shift is an Evolution of Being® and you are being called to awaken to a new consciousness and a new way of living. You are also being called to be bearer of that consciousness into the world.

If you are one of those people, feeling a deep calling within to wake up from the illusion of the mind into a higher state of awareness, then it is likely that life itself may be proving challenging for you. You might feel lost, disconnected, or experience a sense that your relationships or life are falling apart. You may have a deep sense of love and awareness, but be having difficulty grounding this way of being into life.

It is possible to stay present, remain authentic and live life within the modern world in alignment with your true inner being. To rise above the mind and egoic structures of thought, including those that imprison you in habitual thinking, judgment, attachment and expectation.

With support, community and a new knowing, you will be able to fully meet the challenges life presents, no longer being pulled from your tranquil inner state into the storm surrounding you. When you step into presence, you are released from the frustrations and struggles created from the illusion of mind and are able to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

The Evolution of Being® course is grounded in support and inspiration, filled with love and laughter as you are immersed deeply within Simon’s profound teachings.

You will take part in a six-month program, which begins and ends with a one day online retreat, building a strong community of like-minded people.

Each month we will cover in-depth subjects through live online teaching, Q&A sessions, practical exercises and meditations selected and designed to enhance and support your evolution of consciousness.

Our community will share the journey between online retreats, through group virtual meditations and a vibrant Facebook group, building friendships and support along our shared path of awakening consciousness .

Full Course Schedule can be found on the link below

Evolution of Being Course