Soul’s Journey Home

You dropped me off, somewhere new. With only a map, with no destination. I began to walk here there and everywhere, along the way I met many people, they became my family, and some became friends.

They also had been dropped off by you with a map and no destination. I could see many were hoping the other knew the destination and followed, but I chose not to. That choice was so hard, I felt so alone.

I went my own way, of course I stopped off in many different places. It could have been easy to stay, but I knew I had to find where the map was leading me too. I listened and followed the guidance of the map, along the way I made mistakes, but soon found myself back on route.

I kept going and going until one day I just stopped, everything became still, then deep within my heart I realised, there is no destination, the map was an illusion. The destination was here all the time, I was home, back in your arms and one with you again.

By Simon Bailey

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