“Live life as though no one is watching. Enjoy every step that takes you deeper into the mystery of life"

A true and authentic spiritual path is one that truly unites the sacredness of being and life. Spirituality is not about transcending life but the realisation that you are life itself.  A true spiritual seeker is one who is willing to discover the truth of reality while diving deep into the heart of life.

It’s an inward journey, answering the deepest yearning within every human heart. Most people in their life time will experience a deep inner yearning or calling. It is the wisdom of your true nature that is calling you home.

Now is the time to answer the call. Everything in your life, all your past deeds, spiritual efforts and sincerity to know the truth have brought you to this moment. Now it’s time to open and listen to the inner wisdom of your true nature. It will guide you home.

As you begin to live the wisdom of your true nature, you will awaken to Divinity, an unchanging peace, a compassion for people and a love beyond human love. You realise that all you have been seeking and everything that you ever truly wanted, was here all the time.

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“Listening to the inner wisdom and living it, is what is being asked of you. It will gently guide you to that which you seek"

True meditation is simply sitting and observing all that arises. Another way of putting it, it is a way of surrendering to what is arising at the time.

Self enquiry is usually born out of a deep yearning / calling to know truth and the nature of reality. It is soul / heart led and not led by the conceptual mind. 

The greatest teacher you will ever meet is yourself. Everyone has a deep inner wisdom, a wisdom that is guided by the soul and connects to all of life.

Relationships are essential to the spiritual path. They are our guidance system, our mirror and our opportunity to relate with Divine consciousness

True liberation comes from not being entangled in another persons energy,  During the awakening process there is a process of de-entangling energy.

The body holds great wisdom and through the body is the only way that energy and vibrations can be communicated to us.