Teaching style

find your way

Simon's Style of Teaching

“Don’t take it from me. Don’t believe me. Find your way.”

Simon’s style of teaching is to guide us to discover truth for ourselves. Simon never tells those he journeys with what to do, but rather leads them to their own realisations, empowering them on their own individual path. Through engaged listening and careful pointing, Simon helps us connect to the wisdom within ourselves. Guiding us, to that which is available to all, but often seems inaccessible.

“The teaching happens in the field of consciousness. The words that are spoken are spoken from this place, until they can listen to the field in silence.”

Whilst he recognises the value for some in following certain spiritual systems and set teachings over long periods of time, or for certain stages in life, Simon does not believe in there being one path, or way for all. Over time, Simon has moved through working with various different spiritual and healing modalities, towards working without any.


Although Simon no longer teaches a system of practice, he still works with those tools of meditation, self-inquiry, contemplation, and prayer when called for.


He emphasises that awakening – of the heart and mind – is not linear.

“There is a risk of getting caught in spiritual systems. This happens because we worship the system and the modality, and not what the teachings are pointing to.”

Simon works with the energy field within which all emotions, thoughts and feelings are contained and within which higher wisdom can be accessed. Through sitting with Simon and journeying with him, one gradually becomes more sensitive to the field and begins to feel energetic influences and shifts more consciously. A space within which, healing can be experienced and awakening can happen.

“What was asleep is suddenly awake. There’s no grandiosity. There’s no specialness. It is extra ordinary, but in a way it’s humorous. You spend an entire lifetime trying to find THAT, and what you’re trying to seek is what you already are.”

Simon embodies the teachings being compassionate, grounded and most of all, humble. He invites people who are sincerely seeking truth, no matter their background or life experience, to journey with him.

“Live life as though no one is watching. Enjoy every step that takes you deeper into the unknown of what the mystery of life has to offer you.”

Simon Bailey

Simon does not often talk about himself and his past experiences, but recognises there will be value in this for those interested in journeying with him.

We are in an era of significant change in consciousness, and we need to realise that this isn’t about needing to go anywhere. It’s about right where you are….

As we begin to listen to the deeper inner call of our being, we begin to realise that life is our greatest teacher. As we move through life we begin to glean the living wisdom.