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Divine BEing

When you answer the inner calling of the soul, and embark on an inward journey of discovering the Divine being, something will take over. Divine consciousness will answer and step in, either guiding you towards teachings that will assist you on your inward journey, or enabling the teachings to arise in consciousness and guide you internally, using physical life as the teacher. You may not recognise them for the teachings they are; however, it is likely you will feel compelled to listen, compelled to follow. Either way, you can be rest assured that the right teachings will find their way to you.

The practices on this page are those that arose within Simon from an early age, practices he was guided towards intuitively, although at that time he didn’t have the language or the labels to give what he was practicing a name. It was around 10 years later that Simon started hearing the terms meditation, self-enquiry and contemplation, recognising them for what he had been doing all along. Of course the practices are not exclusive, but it is very clear when Simon is teaching, that he is teaching the tools from life itself, from direct experience, not from a book or an attended course.

The teachings that Simon shares, such as conscious relationships, energy entanglement, energy awareness and Divine expression are born out of his way of navigating a world, from a view point of not being of this world.

The natural internal calling of the soul to awaken to truth and the true nature of reality is a journey of discovery and wonder. The awakening itself, where the spirit descends into the physical you, is felt instantaneously as true freedom with an overwhelming love that cannot be put into the words, it feels truly as you have arrived home. You realise that who and what you are is not limited to or identified with the body, the mind, or the personality, you have the direct experience of the radiant Divine being you are.

This is what most spiritual teachings are pointing to, but this is not spiritual awakening. Awakening is a profound shift in consciousness, it is where your relationship with life is turned up side down. Everything you knew to be true of the world before awakening is no longer true. Every relationship will come into question, including the one with the physical you, your name, what you do with your life, the role you will now play in life. What’s my relationship with my partner, children, family and friends? How is the human part of me now going to fit into the world? These are things that after a fundamental shift in consciousness will come into play.

After such a shift in consciousness, there is a reintegration or reorientation that needs to take place. It is the reorientation that grounds the Divine being you are into the physical form that is our greatest calling. It is the realisation that all that we truly seek is what we already are, heaven is in fact on earth.

The tools Simon shares, are tools to answer the calling of the soul, to awaken to Divine being and his teachings are about preparing for and supporting the unfolding process that happens after awakening.

The teachings he shares have already helped 1000s of people with their lives, especially with their relationships, regardless of whether they are on the journey of truth or not.



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