Body Wisdom

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Body Wisdom

The body holds great wisdom and through it is the only way that energy and vibrations can be communicated to us. What we feel gives us insight to what is truly taking place in this present moment.

Emotion can also be a great way through which the body communicates, but this only tells what we are thinking. When we change our thoughts, we can change the emotions. But feelings are different, no matter what we think, they will tell us the truth, because feelings are stimulated by many different areas of life. When you have a particular feeling it may trigger an emotion but the feeling will remain.

So, emotions come and go based on our thinking. Feelings communicate something entirely different.

Think about it, you may walk into a room and everyone is talking, everything initially seems ok, but you feel an oppressive atmosphere. Only to find out later that there had been a major argument before you arrived.

You can walk into a building and instantly feel safe or frightened.

Feelings can be classed as doorways into deeper wisdom and expansion; emotions however can be viewed as ways in which we get caught in thought.

It is usually our feelings that we hide from most. The mind can have difficulty with understanding where the feelings have come from; this often produces judgements, concepts and beliefs.

Simon often shares how when he was younger there was a presence that followed him everywhere. He began sitting not standing at the toilet so he knew there was nothing standing behind him, showered with his eyes open so he could watch the door to the shower. He would even sleep with his nose pinned up against the wall. The feeling he experienced was tingling all over his body, feeling like something was pouring over him, like rain. Within these feelings, he had the emotions of love and fear. But it was the fear that was overwhelming, as his mind didn’t know what the presence was. Years later Simon had the realisation that this presence was in fact Divine consciousness.

When we have a feeling, it is guiding us, but the mind will either grasp hold of it or try to avoid it. This prevents us from using the feeling to navigate the many vibrations of energy that are available to us.

We work with feelings by bringing conscious awareness to the feeling, create a loving safe space for the feeling to just arise and then gently practice going into the feeling. Of course some feelings can be extremely painful, which very often causes fear to arise, but if held in awareness the feeling can lead to a major shift in consciousness.