Conscious Relationships

Divine Consciousness in form

Relationships are essential to the spiritual path. They are our guidance system, our mirror and our opportunity to relate with Divine consciousness in physical form. Relationships are the only way that we can truly ground our divinity into the world of form.

Relationships provide us with a way of seeing the Divine in all that is. If we don’t see Divinity in everyone, then the relationship provides us with a mirror to where in our internal world we still have limiting beliefs that prevent us being our true nature in all areas of physical life. Ultimately the mirror points to a belief that is preventing us from living truth.

Awakening is not the end point; it’s the starting point of a life long journey of grounding your Divine individuality into the world of form. It’s also a life of being of service, liberating others from the illusion of the mind. Guiding or pointing those who are ready towards their true home, the home of the heart, which is oneness, wholeness and unity.

The truest way of being of service is to be the radiant limitless being of truth, love and wisdom that you are while relating to anyone and anything.

What that means is that if you are living your truth, what naturally comes from that truth is love and wisdom, those who you relate to will feel this as a mirror of Divine consciousness, reminding them of their true nature and Divine individuality.

What is a conscious relationship?

It’s where two people come together with the ultimate aim of empowering each other’s evolution, not disempower it. Where two people can journey together not needing to be fulfilled by the other. Where truth can be spoken and where pain can be held in love. It’s seeing the Divinity within each other. It’s where the relationship serves the evolutionary growth of both souls, while in physical form

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