Energy Entanglement

Discovering Liberation

If we are living our truth in every aspect of life, then our energy cannot be entangled within another’s. During the awakening process there is a profound realisation that there is no ‘other’ there is just one. However, as your consciousness meets back with the physical world, we of course do experience ‘others’. Although there is the realisation of the formless, we naturally also live in the world of form. What begins after the awakening is the unfolding process – an untangling of our energy from another’s, liberating both the other and ourselves.

This is process that can happen by Grace or by conscious relationship. Either way there is going to be an automatic releasing of entanglement and a need to bring consciousness to the entanglement.

So what does it mean to be entangled in energy?

Our energy becomes entangled in another’s if we have a requirement of them, or if we believe they have a requirement of us, i.e. if we need someone to accept us, be proud of us, love us, then we are entangled. If we have to please another, or manipulate or control another then we are entangled. If we require someone to be a particular way we are entangled.

Essentially where there is an entanglement we are losing power. The illusion of the mind is draining energy.

We will know this, because for instance if someone is really proud of you, you can feel uplifted and energised, but if they aren’t you can feel drained.

The unfolding process is about bringing consciousness to where you are entangled and starting the process of setting yourself and the other free from your limiting belief.

It begins by taking responsibility and also by being truthful when you become aware of the entanglement. Confessing to yourself what you have noticed and what it is that you are trying to do. Then you can take a step back, become present and ask “what does the relationship want? “

Simply asking this will allow energy to flow, you have opened yourself up to the needs of another for their highest and greatest good.

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