self enquiry

questioning the illusion

Self enquiry is usually born out of a deep yearning / calling to know truth and the nature of reality. It is soul / heart led and not led by the conceptual mind. Even though there are many who feel the inner calling to seek truth, very few actually listen to it. It takes courage to ask questions that will take you into the unknown and shake the very foundations of what you have come to learn through the conceptual mind. It’s a way of meeting life issues head on instead of avoiding them.

Self enquiry is the art of asking a profound question that the mind doesn’t have the answer too. It eventually takes you past the conceptual and conditioned mind and connects with your soul or inner being.

It is extremely important that during an enquiry practice that inquiry doesn’t arise from the ego. Such as the need to escape from current life experiences or needing to attain enlightenment. Enquiry is soul led, it arises from deep within, a dimension of being that seeks truth for its own evolution of being.

The most common starting place for the soul’s enquiry is to know of its nature. i.e. what am I or who am I? There is a deep knowing that it is not the mind and or the body, it also knows that it is not the collection of beliefs that is identified with the body / mind.

Enquiry starts the process of striping back all that is identified with the “I” – we continue to remove all that you are not, such as beliefs, judgements and assumptions of what you think you are. Once you have traced your way back to the beginning of all that you have identified with, the rest is up to Grace. Enquiry simply clears the road or opens the door so to speak.

Simply put, enquiry simply keeps opening doors until there are no doors left to open. Then the soul awakens to truth and reality.

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