true meditation

There is no particular form to the meditation we teach. It is simply sitting and observing all that arises. Another way of putting it, it is a way of surrendering to what is at the moment of sitting. There is no goal or desired outcome. It is a pure openness to Grace and all that Grace can reveal in the silence and stillness of just sitting. In a way it is a silent prayer.

Of course as you first begin just sitting meditation, there will be body sensations, thoughts, images, noises, emotions, energy movements and so on. However, we simply learn the art of allowing everything to be just as it is, with no effort. There is no controlling or manipulation of what is taking place. There is simply nothing to do other than just sitting and observing. Ultimately it is about coming into perfect relation with whatever you are experiencing.

The egoic mind will be fixated on trying to achieve something, but it will have no idea what that is. What you come to discover is that most of the time it is the personality / ego that is meditating. Which means it is entirely goal oriented. With time, you begin to become aware of the awareness, that there is an observer watching all that is arising. This awareness / consciousness is your true nature.

Many other forms of meditation can be rich with content, mystical experiences, colours, spiritual beings, past lives, multidimensional experiences and so on. However, the mind simply grasps hold of these and feels that it is achieving something. All the while, the stillness and silence is in the background. As you learn to just witness what arises, the silence and stillness moves from the background to the foreground. In this silence and stillness, your true nature reveals itself.

Love, wisdom and truth then can be revealed as glimpse or direct experience of your unique Divine expression of creation itself.

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